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26 Ct Kyanite (Oval)


26 Ct Tanzanite (Oval)

23.04×15.36 mm 23.9×15.93 mm
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Actual size of 26ct Kyanite   Actual size of 26ct Tanzanite
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Ring: Skin tone:
Ring width: 3.0 mm
Left finger image
Ring on left finger
Blue 26ct Kyanite on a ring
64 mm
Right finger image
Ring on a right finger
Blue 26ct Tanzanite on a ring
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Skin tone
Ring diameter
16.9 mm
Ring width
3.0 mm
Finger length
64 mm
Ring diameter: 16.9 mm
Actual sizes of 26ct Kyanite Oval (23.04×15.36mm, Blue) and 26ct Tanzanite Oval (23.9×15.93mm, Blue) as they would appear on a ring and finger. Adjust the ring and finger size to get an idea of how these gemstones would look on your finger.

Where to buy?

For Kyanite or Tanzanite check what Amazon has to offer. You'll usually find quite a selection from many different vendors. Worth a check. For other high quality gemstones (Rubies, Saphhires, Emeralds) and especially Diamonds, I highly recommend JamesAllen.

Face-up Size

All things being equal, Kyanite will face-up smaller than Tanzanite for a given carat weight, because it has higher specific gravity (3.68 vs. 3.3 - this means it's "heavier" compared to Tanzanite of the same size). Face-up size also depends heavily on the proportions of the cut.

Face-up area is a measure of the size of the gem when viewed from above (as set in a ring). It tells you how big the gem is at the girdle plane.

26 Ct Kyanite (Oval) 26 Ct Tanzanite (Oval)
23.04×15.36 mm vs 23.9×15.93 mm
290.19 mm²   312.2 mm²
Face-up size outline
Face-up size outline
26ct Kyanite Oval (23.04×15.36mm)
26ct Tanzanite Oval (23.9×15.93mm)
Difference: 8% (22.01 mm²)
26ct Tanzanite Oval (23.9×15.93mm) has approx. 8% more face-up area than 26ct Kyanite Oval (23.04×15.36mm).

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